What we do

We are on a mission to change the way India travels by promoting the responsible tourism as the livelihood in rural India. We handpick naturally and culturally rich villages across the country and enable village dwellers to open up their houses for you.

Come and experience their lifestyle, cultures, crafts, languages, food and warm hospitality, which makes real India.  Let’s travel for the happiness of others too!


Rural Odyssey is a social enterprise set up with the twin objectives of delivering authentic cultural immersion to our fellow travelers as well as revitalizing indigenous communities of faraway, yet serene villages of India. Our mission is to hand-pick some offbeat villages and promote their remarkable culture, music, crafts, art forms and much more. We simply intend to link more and more travelers to these unconventional destinations via experiences wherein everything from home-stays to food will be planned and provided by the native community.




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How Responsible Tourism can bring Rural Upliftment

Imagine you and your family plan this beautiful trip to a country which is listed under the ‘Top 20 destinations to visit before you die!’.

—–Traveller’s Testimonials—–

Cheena Singhal

It was a beautifully crafted bouquet of services at unbelievable cost with all adventures knitted. My favorite being the traditional hospitality of people at home stay, beautiful jungle houses of the guides, the trek trails, honey-ginger-lemon from Bina di’s house, Zanskar surprise item – rope course.

Marissa Gandelman

They held our hands like old friends and guided us through their beloved country with knowledge, insight and love. We felt cared for, loved and honored to be welcomed everywhere we went. Any trip with Rural Odyssey is a trip of a lifetime, don’t miss.

Jitender Kamboj

It was a seamless process of thorough enjoyment in a village full of scenic beauty. This trip completely changed my perspective about Indian villages, in a very positive manner. I must recommend this journey for its uniqueness and out of the box experience for the avid travelers in India.

Vritti Gupta

The time spent was out of this world for me. I have never been so up in the mountains and lived amongst the locals there. For the first time, I was not exploring a place like a tourist but living it like a local, that made this all the more special.